Living in New York City

living in new york

Living in New York City is a dream of many people and I hope this website will help turn that dream into a reality. New York is big, vibrant, and exciting but but moving to New York can be intimidating and new arrivals often don't know where to start. A good way to start is looking for cheap New York hotels until you can find a more permanent place to live. My hope is that this living in New York City guide will offer the information you need to make the move to this amazing city an easy transition.

New York Price Guide

new york prices

New York City has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Have a look at this price guide to see if it's really as bad as they say. Check out this list of New York City prices for a better idea of what the cost of living in New York is like.

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Popular New York Areas

A trendy, artsy area with rising rents to match.

Living in the Lower East Side

Lower East Side
Gritty and artsy with a great nightlife but poor transport.

Living in Park Slope

Park Slope
A beautiful but expensive area with friendly residents.

Living in Williamsburg

A fun vibe with lots of restaurants, bars and hipsters.

Living in the West Village

West Village
Expensive and packed with tourists but very central.


Transportation Services New York

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