Moving to New York

New York City may be all about the big sights and sounds to a visitor but when it comes to living in this city, the experience is one of a kind. I moved here nearly two years ago now, but I still remember the daunting prospect of relocating from the suburbs of Middle England to the most populated city in the USA. There were visas to think about, jobs to secure, not to mention where I was going to live.

The cost of living is high in New York; it puts many a would-be settler off, in the same way that living in London can. This is why it's a good idea to start the job hunt ahead of schedule. I was lucky enough to find a publishing internship before I left, but this was a result of many months of planning and applying.

There are a number of good online resources to help you organise your travel plans including the New York Times website and" target="_blank"> Recruitment agencies can also work well as they obviously know the jobs climate and the right places to look.

In terms of your visa, you need a rough idea of how long you will be staying. I applied for a visa through my new employers but if you don't have this option, you can get sponsorship from an existing US resident such as a family member. There are also various temporary visas for seasonal work if it's a short-term residency you're after.

I ended up sharing an apartment in Houston Street, which is in the doorstep location of Lower East Side. The neighbourhood has a good pulse to it, access to some cracking bars and the rent's still manageable. However, not everyone loves living so close to the city so for other options, try somewhere like Sunnyside, which is a train ride away from Times Square but very cheap, which accounts for its big international contingent. Forums on the web can help you figure out which areas will suit you.

In any case, it's important not to let the minor obstacles get in the way. It's not a decision you can make likely, but emigrating to New York has its rewards. Watching the sunset on Williamsburg bridge or an outdoor play in Central Park are two of the many reasons I personally have never regretted moving over here.

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