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You have announced to everyone who you know that you are moving to New York and will in fact shortly be living happily in New York City. This is great news! Practically no city in the world offers as much vitality and excitement as does New York. You sound a little unsure of what you will do for fun here, though. You should not be concerned in the slightest. There are so many sports teams based here in New York City, and a few of them are world class, too! Between choices in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and even lacrosse, I promise that you will not have the time to go to all of the many exciting home games once you move here and get settled in. Still we will have to look into some season tickets for you...

In the arena of baseball, no single other American city can match this town. How many other cities besides New York do you know that have two major league baseball teams in residence? New York City has both the national champion New York Yankees and the former national champion New York Mets. The Yankees play all of their home games at the new Yankees stadium. This amazing stadium which is home to the most successful team of all time in baseball seats more than fifty thousand people at once! As if that were not impressive enough, their infield is the first professional baseball stadium in all of the United States to feature a revolutionary underground watering system, the Hydro Grid, which allows the field to be played on shortly after being watered. The Mets play all of their home games at the famed and storied Shea Stadium. This fine stadium located in Queens seats in excess of fifty-five thousand and six hundred roaring fans at the same time. If you are at all a fan of world class baseball, then you will have to buy some tickets and go to see the game played by some of the best of the best. Buy me a ticket too, and I'll even sit next to you there!

I know how much you love football! While not as recently well performing as New York City's baseball teams, the football teams here are well known nationally and both have their own fanatical fan bases, too. Again I ask you, how many cities do you know with two different National Football League football teams located there? The New York Giants and the New York Jets both call this wonderful city their home. Both football teams will soon be playing their games at the new Giants' stadium, which seats eighty-two thousand, five hundred raving fans at once! The one point six billion dollar construction cost stadium is a thing of beauty and a modern wonder of the world for any football fan to behold. Even the old one seats more than eighty thousand people presently. The two teams are already selling tickets for the new stadium now, too.

Basketball is one of the more exciting sports games to watch. Not too much in this world is more thrilling than sitting in person at a good basketball game, especially if the two teams concerned are really good. Although only one of them is really that great, New York again has two National Basketball Association teams based here. The New York Knicks play at Madison Square Garden, as do the New York Liberty. Madison Square Garden is Manhattan's famous indoor arena that hosts twenty thousand fans for not only these two professional teams, but also for a variety of college basketball games, tennis tournaments, and even track meets, as well. Madison Square Garden is similarly home to the more than five thousand and five hundred seats theater, which used to be called the Parmount. Events held here cover the wide and diverse range of boxing, musical concerts, conventions, family shows, and trade shows. You remember Simon and Garfunkle's big reunion concert held here years ago, right? You really have just got to love this city!

In hockey, New York City is no slouch either. You will never guess how many National Hockey League teams this town boasts? You must have looked; how could you have possibly known that it was two again? The New York Rangers and the New York Islanders are both headquartered here. The Rangers hang their hats at Madison Square Gardens, and the Islanders call the Nassau Coliseum home. This Nassau Coliseum is another indoor arena seating a full sixteen thousand fans. In addition to hosing the Islander hockey team, the coliseum is home to the New York Saints indoor lacrosse team and a variety of other entertainment and sporting events. Yes, New York has professional lacrosse too! Next door to this impressive arena is an exhibition hall which hosts consumer shows, trade shows, and conventions within its sixty thousand square feet center. When the winter gets here, I promise to go to a hockey game with you. For Lacrosse, I can't make any promises; I'll have to check my social calendar first and get back with you...

I heard that you were into soccer. That must have been from your long backpacking trip through Europe that you went on after graduating from college. That was when the last world cup was going, and I guess it got into your head. You get one guess at how many national soccer teams we have in New York. I thought you would know that answer; it is two once again, like with every major sport located here! The New York Metrostars and the New York Magic both call New York City home. The Metrostars play at Giants Stadium, while the Magic play over on Baker's Field. Slowly but surely, their fans' bases are growing and starting to fill up the stands at both teams' home games here. I'm sure that you'll be one of their bigger fans once you go to a few of the games.

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