New York City's Airports

Travelers use three main airports to fly into New York City. These airports are all overseen by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It is expected that the Port Authority will continue to operate these airports long into the future. Travelers have a number of options to reach downtown Manhattan from these airports.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

The largest of these airports is John F. Kennedy International, better known as JFK. JKF is located in Queens County, New York City on Jamaica Bay. It is located about 15 miles from downtown Manhattan. The airport has eight terminals located around a circular area and other terminals for cargo and private flights. Persons arriving at this airport have a number of options for traveling to Manhattan. The Airport has an AirTrain JFK that transports passengers around the large airport. Catching the train to the Federal Circle will place passengers at the site for rental cars and shuttle buses. From Federal Circle, you can find the desk for the rental car of your choice and to the rental parking area. At the arrival area by the luggage carousels there are additional rental counters or courtesy telephones to help you reserve and locate your rental car. If your hotel has a shuttle bus from the airport, you will find it at Federal Circle.

If you want to take the subway into Manhattan, you can catch a tram bus at the Circle to the Jamaica Station area. Once at the station, you can catch the E subway line to downtown Manhattan. Other options are the J and Z lines which also go into parts of Manhattan. The Long Island Railroad also leaves from this station and runs into Manhattan. You can also catch a number of local bus routes at this Station that go into Manhattan.

Another option is the Airporter buses that will take you from the airport to Central or Penn Station in Manhattan. From here, you can travel on your own, or meet up with another tram from Airporter that will take you to your hotel. The Airporter buses cost about half as much as a taxi fare.

If you want to use a taxi, you can locate these at the curb at your arrival terminal. Make sure to take only licensed taxis. A city licensed taxi will charge one fare for all people in the cab up to four which is the legal limit for one taxi. The direct fare to downtown Manhattan is set at $45. This may be a good deal with a group since other forms of transportation charge per person and the taxi will take you directly to your hotel.

La Guardia Airport

La Guardia Airport is located in the borough of Queens, New York City on Flushing and Bowery Bay eight miles from downtown Manhattan. The airport has four terminals, A, B, C, and D. Terminal A is reserved for private flights and the Delta Shuttle. Terminal B has multiple airlines and is the largest terminal. Terminal C is reserved for USAir and Terminal D is reserved for Delta. Taxi service is available in the front area of all terminals. Arrangements can also be made for to hire a car or van from counters available in each terminal. For late night arrivals, self serve kiosks are available. Taxi fair to midtown Manhattan is about $30.

For service to Manhattan by bus, the local M60 line goes to 106th and Broadway. From this point, connections can be made to other buses and the subway E, F, G, R, V and 7 lines. There is also an Airporter bus that will also pick up passengers in front of the terminal and bring them to Grand Central Station.

The Newark Liberty International Airport

The Newark Liberty Airport is located in Essex and Union Counties near the New Jersey Turnpike about 16 miles from downtown Manhattan. The Airport has three terminals A, B, and C with four stations P1, P2, P3 and P4. AirTrain Newark shuttles passengers between terminals and the stations. Terminal C is reserved for Continental Airlines. Terminal B has mostly international flights and Terminal A has a variety of United States airlines.

In order to catch a hotel shuttle or vehicles for hire, you need to reach the P4 station. This station is near Terminal A. Take the Airtrain to reach this station as it is a long walk. If you desire a taxi, you can find these in front of the terminals at the taxi stands. The taxis charge about $60 for a trip to downtown Manhattan. There is also the Newark Airport Express Bus service which runs to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. These buses run every 30 minutes into Manhattan and you can make a connection in front of your terminal.

Rental cars are located at stations P3 and P2. Station P1 is closed as this time. You can reach these stations by taking the AirTrain Newark. The P3 and P2 stations are closest to Terminal C. Budget, Enterprise and Dollar are at P3; Hertz, Avis and National are found at P2 station. Other transportation options can be found by taking the AirTrain to the Newark Liberty International Airport Station. From here, a passenger can connect to either Amtrak or the New Jersey Transit Station which will eventually connect to the New York Penn Station. From this station, the subway can be taken into downtown Manhattan.

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