Top 5 New York Movie Spots

When we go on holiday we like to make things a little different, blending in to the region, seeing different kind of 'tourist spots' and generally having a more unconventional holiday as well as doing all the usual holidaymaker tomfoolery.

This will not be any different when we go to New York, almost top of our list for 'must visit' destinations around the world, certainly our number 1 in America. An amazing place by all accounts with too many things to see and do on one trip, let alone when passing through as part of our cruise to America; the first time we'll get to see Manhattan is from the ocean, how cool is that? So as some preparation for this holiday, as well as hopefully going back, I've found our favourite spots in New York that are from our favourite movies so we can go and see where they were filmed and knowing us, re-enact some ridiculous scenes in photo form!

1. Ghostbusters

Yes this was one of my favourite movies growing up, still is now! The best thing to see from this film in New York is the Ghostbusters HQ which is an old fire station on North Moore & Varick in Manhattan. Saving that then I'll have to walk past the Rockefeller Centre, sight of most of the movie and the closing scenes on the roof of Dana Barrett's apartment climbed by the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man. This one is cool in my book!

2. Home Alone 2

No Christmas passes without watching both of the Home Alone movies and with the second being based in New York there are dozens of spots to visit and recreate from this great movie. A firm favourite in our house is the hotel that Kevin stays in, The Plaza. Located on 5th Avenue and Central Park South, not sure if out budget would stretch to staying here on another holiday but we'll certainly pay it a visit and stand on those grand steps as Kevin did!

3. American Psycho

Not the happiest of films, but one of my favourites again and what could be better than reliving the steps of Patrick Bateman, visiting posh restaurants, glamorous buildings and busy nightclubs every night. Sadly the only real one from the movie is the New York Yacht Club, on Vanderbilt and East 44th, think I may need a full suit, shirt and tie to enter this one. But still, it's always time for cocktails!

4. Die Hard 3

One for the other half here, pick almost any spot in the movie and they'll be happy. Imagining John McClane driving at full speed the wrong way through Manhattan in a taxi is enough to get them excited. Central Park won't quite feel the same without the car crashing through, but you could always visit the Federal Reserve on Wall Street and see the where a bomb exploded on a subway train creating the centre point for the movie!

5. When Harry Met Sally

Possibly our favourite film in our house, the most rom-com of all rom-coms, everybody wants to visit Katz's Deli on East Houston and Ludlow where the infamous 'Sally' scene took place. But for me, I'd just happily walk through any of the streets in Billy Crystal's footsteps, telling the same stupid jokes trying to get a laugh out of my date. Every inch of New York is dripping in When Harry Met Sally, truly a movie trip made for this city if ever there was one.

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