New York for the Solo Female Traveller

Hoping that your solo visit to the Big Apple includes adventures at some of the great hangouts featured in the “Sex and the City” television series? Well, there are lots of options available to satisfy your craving to follow in the footsteps of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Check into a cool New York cheap hotel where you can launch your expedition into Manhattan and take Carrie Bradshaw’s advice: “The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun."

Sex and the City Bus Tours

Make new friends on a rollicking four-hour whirlwind tour of locations made famous by Carrie & Co. These tours cost around $50 and cover 40 locations, beginning with the Silver Cup studio then onto the bus to cruise cafes, bars and shopping venues where the characters had exotic drinks, flirted with the opposite sex and ferreted out cool fashions. Indulge in retail therapy, comfort cupcakes and designer drinks while seeing Manhattan from Greenwich Village to the Meat Packing district.

Sex and the City Walking Tours

Get up close and personal as a trained guide escorts you to locations like the site of Miranda and Steve’s wedding and the store where Charlotte shopped for her “rabbit.” For around $20, you can join the public tour or arrange for a private guide with flexible rates. You’ll can even access an interactive map online of the walking route and see street views of the exteriors.

Sex and the City Shopping Packages

If you’re goal is to return from NYC with the chicest styles in town, for around $100 you can sign up for an exclusive New York City Shopping tour to the landmark department stores where the gal pals scored their hottest threads. Work your way down trendy Madison Avenue, cruise the hippest boutiques in SoHo, peruse the best of the best at those name-brand department stores along Fifth Avenue and explore the high-end shops at Union Square, Macy’s Herald Square and Chelsea Market. Many tours include a $50 shopping card and printed maps listing cool places with sizzling fashions.

Sex and the City Cocktail Tours

Climb into a chauffeured limousine with three other fun-seeking adventurers to be formally escorted to those great bars and nightclubs serving drinks like “Mr. Big” and “Cosmo.” Your executive status will get your right into those venues -- despite the line outside -- where NYC’s finest go to see and be seen. Naturally, your drinks aren’t included in the price of the tour, but you can set out assured you’ll be returned safely after a night of merrymaking “Sex and the City” style!

Sex and the City Phone Apps

Like the idea of setting your own pace? For just $1.99 you can upload a mobile phone app that will give you a step-by-step guide of all the places covered on the “Sex and the City” group tours. Chronicle your journey with the “Save” feature as you tick off the city landmarks, shops, coffee houses and eateries where you can just imagine Carrie& Co. coming through the door any minute. Take a photo of yourself in the thick of it with the built-in function that automatically adds you picture to the scrapbook. You’ll even know just how far it is to the next destination and the sidebar brings up insider information and behind-the-scenes escapades that adds even more zest to your solo tour.

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