Five Places to Visit in New York

The lively metropolis of New York City is one of the top travel destinations in the world.  Tourists taking holiday tours can experience the many wonderful things the city has to offer.  Here are five things every tourist should see while visiting New York City:

Times Square

This world-famous square is the centre of the city.  Times Square can be found in Manhattan at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching down the streets of West 47th to West 42nd.  Visitors can feel the excitement of the square with the bright lights and elaborate electronic signage illuminating the atmosphere.  The square has hosted many prestigious events throughout its history including the annual New Year celebration.  There are also many high-quality restaurants, department stores and theatres in the vicinity.

Central Park

Visitors can come to this park to experience the calmer and more peaceful side of New York City.  The picturesque scenery is enhanced by the lush plant life, tranquil waterways and lovely views of the surrounding cityscape.  Visitors can admire historical landmarks like Belvedere Castle and Cleopatra’s Needle.  The famous Strawberry Fields section of the park displays an area specifically dedicated to the late John Lennon.  Visitors can also partake in popular activities in the park such as jogging, biking or ball play.

National September 11 Memorial and Museum

This new memorial and museum allows visitors to learn about a somber piece of New York City history.  The site is dedicated to the remembrance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the city and the lessons learned from the catastrophic event.  The museum’s exhibits display photographs and other pieces paying homage to the event.  An outdoor memorial plaza featuring two stunning waterfalls cascading into reflective pools where the World Trade Center towers once stood pays further tribute.  The plaza is lined with beautiful green trees to add to its appeal.

Little Italy

This section of New York City showcases its close ties to the Italian culture.  The beginning of the district can be found at the intersection of Mulberry and Canal Streets.  Numerous authentic Italian restaurants featuring delicious food options line the walkways.  There are many small shops available for tourists to pick up any souvenirs.  Little Italy also hosts the Feast of San Gennaro street festival every September to celebrate New York’s Italian-American community.

Statue of Liberty

Visitors can see one of the greatest symbols of America by visiting this monumental site.  Boats taking visitors to Liberty Island, where the statue is located, can be caught at Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan.  Spectacular views of the statue can even be seen during the boat ride.  Once on the island, the statue can be seen up close in all its glory.  Visitors can also go inside the statue and venture up to its crown, although space is limited.

Visitors taking holiday tours of New York City will surely not be disappointed in all of the thrilling sites to see.  An experience in this city will likely entice tourists to come back for subsequent visits in the near future.

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